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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just some of them....

Well I decided I would take some pictures of some of my stuff just to start learning how to take them. Im trying to figure out a editing thing but cant find one. Feel free to help me out.

First up is some of my Azaleas. Not Satsuki.

Amur Maple that I won at a club meeting. Defoliated it about 2 weeks ago. Going strong.

Hackberry Forrest given to me from Mike Flanagin.

Shimpaku Juniper from a Jim Doyle workshop.

Juniper from Charles Sitter. Looking for a better pot.

Japanese Black pine from Chuck Cockman. Styled by Ben Oki and is somewhere around 60 years old. It has been decandled all wrong and I will fix this next summer.

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