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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just some of them....

Well I decided I would take some pictures of some of my stuff just to start learning how to take them. Im trying to figure out a editing thing but cant find one. Feel free to help me out.

First up is some of my Azaleas. Not Satsuki.

Amur Maple that I won at a club meeting. Defoliated it about 2 weeks ago. Going strong.

Hackberry Forrest given to me from Mike Flanagin.

Shimpaku Juniper from a Jim Doyle workshop.

Juniper from Charles Sitter. Looking for a better pot.

Japanese Black pine from Chuck Cockman. Styled by Ben Oki and is somewhere around 60 years old. It has been decandled all wrong and I will fix this next summer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just a lil work.....

Well today I got a lil work done on a Bald Cypress that was given to me by Charles, a friend and teacher from Green Country Bonsai Club. I also did some work cutting the callus on a Japanese Green Maple so it will callus faster.

The Bald Cypress before and no after. Ill try to get that tomorrow.

Here is the Maple

And the cutting.

Also, sorry about the pics. I havent figured out a new picture adjuster program thing yet. If anyone has any suggestions on a free one let me know.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hackberry and Ficus B.

Cause of the heat here in Oklahoma, 105 most of the time, I dont want to stay outside all day on my day off. So I worked on two of my lil guys. A Hackberry that I bought from Southwood Nursery in Tulsa and a Ficus B. that I was given from a guy at Rhema. The Hackberry I've had for about two years now and did a chop from a full grown tree this spring. it popped buds all over the place but the only pics I have taken of it was from today after i chopped it down a lil more.
Here is the Hackberry. Not much but under that soil is a pretty big trunk..... sorry again for no picture.

And the Ficus. I did an airlayer with the rest of the tree and ill show those later. Im just selecting branches and carving down the stumps left over from the air-layers.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Its not much but its home for now.....

Well I decided to go ahead and post some pics of what I got going on in my back yard. Not much but it will do for now. I'm building some new benches for them as we speak so it will look a lot better when they are all up. I know its not very tidy but i just snapped a few pics.

Let's get this started.

Well I'm Jeremy Pember, of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA. I've been around a lot of other blogs and enjoy reading everyone of them. Since I enjoy it so much I decided to start my own. This blog will be mostly about my life in the bonsai world. Now understand I am still newish to bonsai and am completely new to blogging, so I might not be the best bonsai artist and also may have some mistakes in the blogs but please help me out as you read. I'm excited to progress through my life and grow in this amazing bonsai world.