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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hackberry and Ficus B.

Cause of the heat here in Oklahoma, 105 most of the time, I dont want to stay outside all day on my day off. So I worked on two of my lil guys. A Hackberry that I bought from Southwood Nursery in Tulsa and a Ficus B. that I was given from a guy at Rhema. The Hackberry I've had for about two years now and did a chop from a full grown tree this spring. it popped buds all over the place but the only pics I have taken of it was from today after i chopped it down a lil more.
Here is the Hackberry. Not much but under that soil is a pretty big trunk..... sorry again for no picture.

And the Ficus. I did an airlayer with the rest of the tree and ill show those later. Im just selecting branches and carving down the stumps left over from the air-layers.

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